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We are not a kennel. We raise a minimal number of litters a year therefore we do not always have puppies available. We do keep current info under our "expected litters" and "current puppies" pages. We do have close trusted friends that raise schnauzers as well, and will gladly email you contact info if we do not have puppies that fit your timing.

Carolina Schnauzers - Small Hobby Breeder of Quality AKC Miniature Schnauzers

Our family has had the most wonderful time raising our four legged family members! We have had miniature schnauzers since 2000. Our schnauzers are all crate trained, well behaved, obedient, and very much a part of our every day lives. We decided in 2004 to selectively start breeding them in order to share our love of schnauzers with other families. Our #1 goal is to raise happy healthy puppies so that others will have a chance to see just how wonderful this breed is. Please realize that we do not have a breeding facility. We do not own more schnauzers than we have time to deal with and take care of. It is very important to us that our schnauzers, as well as any litters we raise, be well socialized so that everyone that comes to our home for a visit can see what the personality of the breed should be. Our schnauzers get along great with each other and also love it when company comes to visit. The dogs you see on our website are our "family pets," who are allowed to run loose safely in our fenced yard any time they want, and sleep safe and sound in their crates at night. Schnauzers are "people" dogs and love to be interacted with. Breeding can be very costly due to the fact that we are firm believers that a licensed veterinarian is the best person to worm puppies and to administer inoculations. Our vet docks their tails and removes dew claws at three days old, and gives them their first puppy shots at six weeks old. The babies are also de-wormed twice before leaving. Being handled at least two times by our vet before leaving for their new home helps ensure the best of health. After all, who better to listen to their hearts and check them for soundness than someone who has devoted their life to doing so. We will not let a puppy leave unless we have been given the green light by our vet (Cherryville Animal Hospital 704-435-5475). Our adults are taken in annually for their boosters as well. You have to keep mom and dad healthy to get healthy babies! Rest assured that we would never knowingly sell a puppy that is not healthy. We hope you enjoy our website, and PLEASE -- whether you acquire a puppy from us or someone else -- make sure that it's the right breed for you, and that you will have the means AND the love to take care of it properly for many years to come. Please be sure that whoever you acquire a new family member from allows you to visit their home, allows you to see where their adults and babies are raised, and is willing to give you a written health guarantee.

**We reserve the right to refuse sale of a puppy/adult to anyone at our discretion.**

*A special thanks to my son Mark for creating and regularly updating this website for me. I couldn't be more proud.
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